“Greensboro is actually my home town. I was born and raised there, and moved to Wilmington when I turned 18. I moved back to Greensboro two years later. Seven months after being back in Greensboro, I attended a Kirtan (musical mantra meditation) put on by Triad Enchant and my life has not been the same since.” Karly Currie explains the foundation which her life is now built from.

Currie started at GTCC studying Human Health Services with a concentration in Mental Health. After finishing up her first semester Currie decided to change the path and focus on her spiritual life. She moved to and ashram in Gainesville, Florida called Krishna House.

For a bit of background. Yoga is a Saskrit word, meaning to link with the supreme. Bhakti means love and devotion. Bhaktiyoga is a blissful practice of linking to the supreme through love and devotion. The Sanskrit word mantra means to free the mind. The chanting you may see followers doing is to cleanse their hearts and minds of lust, anger and greed.

Currie explained the effect Bhakti-yoga has had on her life. “I have been practicing Bhakti-yoga for nearly a year and a half, and can honestly say this has been the most transformative and wonderful time of my life. This practice is one of experience; by experiencing Bhakti-yoga one develops faith in the process.”

In case a metaphor was needed to fully understand this process Currie exaplins, “Similar to watering the root of a tree, the branches and leafs are provided for, when we water our spiritual roots by practicing devotional service everything else naturally is taken care of. This practice is for all seeking a higher truth, and wanting to know who they really are and their purpose in life.” !