After graduating from UNC Asheville with a degree in Theatre and stage makeup Rachael Burrello is now obtaining her master’s in Public Affairs with a concentration in Non-profit Management. “The first class I took in non-profit at UNCG convinced me that that was where I needed to be,” Burrello said.

Now, while finishing up her last requirement for her MPA degree, Burrello works as the Affordable Housing Intern at the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro.

Burrello gathers data to help form a more comprehensive housing plan for Greensboro. Listening to Burrello describe her job while simultaneously describing her passion is inspiring. There are two main issues facing affordable housing in Greensboro. Those two main variables are “homelessness and housing condition/ code enforcement. Homelessness is the most extreme form of need for affordable housing. For condition and code enforcement, you have to have somewhere safe to put people or else they are still going to have issues that ripple out.”

Another great point Burrello made was that when you are checking out different spots around town take the visuals into thought. “Look at the conditions of the roads, look at the visual landscape as you look down the street, does it look unified, or is it visual litter? Are there architectural updates? Is there lawn care? Do they have sidewalks? When you think about it these are public utilities, sidewalks, roadways, power lines …you start seeing that it’s a structural systemic issue.”

To stay in Greensboro or to go that is the question? “I want to make the biggest impact I possibly can, wherever that is. Honestly I would love to stay here. I would love to continue working in Greensboro. When you are reaching 30 and you are trying to secure a life and a career, a family… you look up one day and realize a place has become home. If I had a NC Home t-shirt I feel like the star would be on Greensboro.” !