We receive a lot of submissions for local talent, and sometimes it’s best to let the subjects paint themselves in their own words. Here is Izzy Dumond.

“I’m a rising ninth grader at Northwest High School. I’m 14 years old and I’ve been singing since I could talk, literally. I took my talent to the next level when I began theater in fourth grade. My dream is to perform in front of lots of people, singing and having the time of my life. I absolutely love it! I love to write. Along with singing and writing, I love art, painting, drawing,

sketching… all of it. I have an obsession with makeup, fashion, modeling, and photography. I got a camera for my birthday last year and I’ve used it everyday since. Recently I started making YouTube videos under the name of “Heartbreak Iz” where I post random videos and a cover of one of my favorite songs, “One and Only” by Adele. Honestly, I want to do what I love and get started with singing professionally. My second goal is to become a photographer. I take pictures of my sisters, friends, and landscapes all the time, which is something else I absolutely love.” !