Carl Anthony has been in Greensboro since 2007 when he relocated from Fayetteville. He is a fashion designer and style blogger. “I’ve been about getting fresh my whole life. Aside from sports, personal style was what I found most interesting. came natural, feels right.”

For the last eight months Anthony has been refocusing the goals of his fashion line. Making connections in all cities is important, so focus is necessary. “No Hassle” is the name of his design outlet, but unfortunately he has been feeling uninspired and has not been creating as much merchandise as he’d like. “I hit a glass ceiling with my ideas so I’m focusing on obtaining more resources to create better… everything.”

With the vision to create an outlet for all creative-types to thrive, including artists, designers, musicians, whatever they may be, Anthony is poised for the challenge. Speaking on the lack of a fashion scene here in Greensboro, Anthony hopes to create a spotlight highlighting what others create.

Some may find fashion and clothing frivolous, but Anthony finds it rather important. “It’s important because it makes people smile, gives a confidence or sense of importance to some of us. No Hassle is here to empower individuals. Anything that can do that in society is important.”

The goal is simple, sell more than buy.

“The luxury line to No Hassle is named Impôt, which is French for Tax. We shot the introduction in Paris last year and I can’t wait to create my first real collection. Fashion is the hardest arena to break into. E specially for someone in North Carolina, but nothing great ever came from excuses, so let’s get it.” !