If you’ve been out and about in Winston-Salem, whether you’re venturing down Trade Street, or down toward the Innovation Quarter, or even in West End, chances are you’ve met Jerry Cooper.

He tends bar at Hoots Beer Co., Single Brothers and the Black Lodge. He’s also the team manager of Exodus’ skate team. He’s also contributed photographs to this publication. Basically, the guy gets around.

His contributions to the skateboard community extend into a multitude of mediums. On Go Skate Day (June 21), Jerry enlisted the help of some friends to build a couple boxes and ledges. These now sit at Reanimator, Black Lodge and Hoots, and are pulled out whenever people want to use them.

Cooper has a long history with skateboarding dating back to his days up in Pittsburgh when he skated for Aesthetics, Orion trucks and Axion shoes. Now he documents a lot more skating and posts videos under his “Hangin’ Wit Mr. Cooper” account. It’s a collection of Winston- Salem’s skateboarders doing what they do best.

And now at 36, Cooper just smiles a lot.

Whether he’s pushing around the streets filming skateboarding, or slinging beverages from behind any number of bars, he seems to always have a smile on his face and the willingness to share it with whoever crosses his path. !