Anita Cafiero and Nick Jones are building a better Greensboro one website at a time.

Cafiero was born and raised in New York City. She jumped around to many different universities gaining experiences each one had to offer. Cafiero ended up with a double degree in Sociology and Economics and an IT Degree. She met Jones in 2011, they clicked automatically. From there they moved from Norfolk to Richmond. Unimpressed with their options in Richmond they pulled out the maps to research. Lucky for North Carolina they chose Jones’s hometown of Greensboro.

Jones is an artist, and not solely a web based artist. He also has skill in painting and photography. His first job was with Warner Brothers when he was in his early twenties working on websites. In the time frame he would have been going to college, Jones opted to teach himself. There were no specific college courses teaching exactly what he needed to know to stay current and ahead of the technological times. He was able to snag a job with Warner Brothers in his early twenties.

Working out of the Co//ab space in downtown Greensboro, they run Tiny Goat, hold Code for Greensboro meetings and created the hashtag #GSOBuilt.

Cafiero explains, “there is something about hitting 35 when you look at your kids running around the living room and think either you’re not doing enough to prepare the world for them or you’re not doing anything for them to take over.” Both Cafiero and Jones have five year olds.

“My background in my personal life aside from everything I do, I’ve always cared about social justice. As a mother I felt like it was really important for us to work with clients that are trying to make the world a better place,” Cafiero said. “Work with individuals who are trying to do something at least decent or good? Maybe not always make really wealthy people wealthier, but help the grassroots organizations.” !