With her Psychology degree and Art minor from Johnson City, Tennessee State University’s Korinna Sergent has landed in Greensboro. Raised in Knoxville, she grew up surrounded by her mother’s art. Sergent gravitated toward painting at an early age. She has lived in Greensboro since January and is slowly realizing the art world is what you make it.

Sergent explains how her style sets her apart from others; “It’s been in the past couple years really where I’ve become passionate about mixed media and building things from the canvases. Flipping the natural way to use a canvas.”

Her pieces are three dimensional, enthralling and ornate. “My grandmother really loves all my crazy spazmatic mermaid monster pieces. Which is funny because my mom is such a traditional artist, their tastes differ so drastically.”

Establishing yourself in a new city is never simple. Sergent works at Preyer Brewing Company as a bartender and then creates art from her home. She has shown in different cities she has resided in, including the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington. Hoping to place her pieces in different exhibits in Greensboro, GreenHill is next on her radar.

As a strong minded individual Sergent constantly speaks on the power of women in different fields.

She mindfully uses the label expressionistic rather than abstract. “Art is still very much male dominated, a male run form of expression and creativity. I feel like if you are a woman you can’t really say your work is abstract, just to be taken seriously you must elaborate more.” However Sergent’s pieces speak volumes for themselves, no elaboration needed. !