So Will and I met at an open mic night at Sessions, a coffee shop/bar that unfortunately is out of business these days.

He was on stage playing, and I was sitting by the bar, harmonizing along under my breath. One of our friends and fellow local musicians heard me, stopped Will mid-tune, picked me up by the shoulders and put me in front of the stage with a chair and mic. He told us to sing together, that something beautiful was about to happen. I think that experience right there told me a couple of things about the music scene in Greensboro. Firstly, that beautiful things are always happening around here, regardless of what your definition of beautiful music is. You can go to UNCG’s School of Music and hear fabulous classically trained musicians, and then walk down to Tate Street and catch aka show on the same evening. We all know that Greensboro is a city that celebrates diversity, and it’s music scene is definitely a reflection of that. The second thing I learned the night Will and I met and started playing music together is that our local musicians are for the most part deeply invested in the music community. We know each other and care for each other. If someone moves into town and wants to get musically involved, there are always a plethora of people that know who else plays their style of music and how to get these people connected. I have never seen anyone who wanted to play or listen to music get shut out or told that we don’t have what they’re looking for in our city, and that’s wonderful; it’s not something you see everywhere. Will and I, we enjoy playing together and making music whether we have an audience or not, but I know personally that it’s the community that surrounds us in Greensboro that makes playing around town so much fun and worthwhile. !