Watricia Shuler received her BS in Journalism and Mass Communications/Broadcast Production from NC A&T State University. Then Shuler returned to Howard University to work her way to an MFA in Film. Currently Shuler is an Assistant Professor of Film/ Video at Shaw University and one of three women who run The Artist Bloc in Greensboro.

Shuler explains, “I’m constantly thinking of new things to create through the art form of film/video and through photography. Concurrently, I’m also always thinking of ways of growing The Artist Bloc to the next level as well as other business ventures to create or participant in.”

The passion and drive is obvious in Shuler’s eyes, and her ultimate goal is to become a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman. There is a vast creative ability when you add teaching, hosting lectures, workshops and running a business together.

“In the 6th grade, I convinced my English teacher to let me make a video project instead of a book report. By the time I got to high school, I would bring my camcorder to school, record my day and then go home, hook the camera up to two VCRs and edit the footage,” Shuler shows music, arts and videography has always been prevalent in her mind.

Shuler tells YES! Weekly the arts community is in fact growing, with Greensboro citizens becoming more aware of the importance of art in all forms. “However, there is still a lot of work to be done in continuing to educate the masses on the importance of the arts as a healthy tool that should be held in the same esteem as math or science.” !