In their last semester at UNCG, Will Indermaur will be graduating with a degree in Dance and Women’s & Gender Studies. Indermaur is rooted in a strong presence of being self-aware, part of which they credit to WGS classes.

“Ideally, I want to help and inspire people. Whether it’s by performing on stage, dancing on the sidelines, teaching, or working in an office (all of which I plan to do). I want to prove to people that you can be successful in being who you are.”

Indermaur identifies as a member of the LGBT community but also as someone who is strongly rooted in their Catholic faith.

“As I began to figure myself out more and more in high school, including the process of ‘coming out,’ I actually turned to my faith because it felt like the only source of comfort and safety I had. I felt, and still do feel, such peace when praying the rosary or going to mass. I have a very strong Catholic identity. That being said, I have faced many challenges being a Queer Catholic.”

Some people are surprised to know there in fact are many LGBT members of faith. Those individuals are scrutinized harshly on both ends, Indermaur sheds light on the issue, “religious people don’t like that we are LGBT, and LGBT people don’t like that we are religious. It’s a slippery slope to play on, but it’s where a lot of us belong and find our identity in.”

With an extremely supportive family, Indermaur explains that even with love and support it’s sometimes a hard reality to face. Over time, both parents have become strong advocates of the LGBT Community. “My mom focuses a lot of her time and energy in dialogue with other Christian moms of LGBT youth and how to help them find the support they need when their churches turn their backs on them. My family sees religion and spirituality as tools for love and justice; it’s about taking care of yourself, of others, and of the world.”

Indermaur has learned through adversity to be headstrong and fierce. “If someone has a problem with me, I let them know that I don’t care, and they will just have to deal with it. I’m always polite, but I will never apologize for who I am and how I express myself.” !