LuLu Page was born in Durham and has been residing in Greensboro for five years now. Page is Greensboro’s jack-ofall-trades. “I recently started playing with deer antlers! I paint and draw and solder and dremel! I get inspiration from all around and I have an amazingly creative community of artists around me here and I am so grateful. I love creating around them, art jams are pretty regular in my house.” Page is the mastermind behind the monthly Artesian Market that is held at the Blind Tiger, with different vendors, food trucks and musicians each time. Her vision of supporting local is from the grassroots up. With her free-loving spirit,

Page spreads creativity and kindness with each event she holds, welcoming new vendors and musicians in the community. Lulu explains, “This town snagged me with its music scene and I immediately moved here. I love the people, the diverse scenes and perpetual growth and change, it immediately felt like home. I think all that’s happening downtown is great and all the cooperatives are really inspired. I wish I could get out into it more but I feel I contribute in my own way.” With her own business, Lulu’s Lovelies, and a family of her own, Page is continuing the Artesian Markets and giving back to a community that gave her so much inspiration. !