Jennifer Beck was born in Summerfield and has been in Greensboro for about four years. She’s been making delightful soaps for about 10 years. Her husband bought her a one on one soap making session with local Bath Alchemy Lab located here in Greensboro. “I had dabbled with the basic melt and pour, the class taught me how to come up with my own way to make scents and techniques to use,” Beck said.

Beck has a Store Envy account titled after the businesses name, Sunshower Soap, where she sells her around 12 different scents of handmade soaps. Her goal is to start selling more in shops and local stores here in the Triad. Beck shares her thoughts on supporting local businesses, “I want to do more locally, find more markets to sell at. Selling local puts money back into our pockets, makes us happy when people buy from local business, it’s definitely important.”

Her favorite scent (which is also my favorite) is Green Clover, it is a unisex scent with freshness and a slight musk smell. All of the soaps made are natural and handmade by Beck with essential oils and no irritating fragrances. Her home always smells delicious, with all the natural oils and spices she uses to make the scents. “In the spare bedroom is where I hide everything,” Beck says laughing. With people who have sensitive skin, all natural and non-irritating scents are very important and for those suffering from psoriasis, Beck’s oatmeal soap has been known to ease those irritations.

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