Dawn Mitchell has been in Greensboro just over 10 years, and during those years she has been working as a freelance designer in the Triad. Mitchell is well connected in the Board of Directors for the Graphic Artists Guide, which helps set the industry standard for the graphic arts community. Well-traveled , Mitchell has experienced Tokyo, Vancouver, Paris, Rome, just to name a few. “I love visiting places with rich culture that I’ve never been before. In my past life, I joined the Marines for a very short lived stint, but it taught me very good ethics and morals I put in practice every day,” Mitchell says.

design jumped out at Mitchell in college while she was studying computer programming. “Someone brought in a Photoshopped photo of Stonehenge sitting on water. I thought it was really cool and immediately decided to change my career path. I was also working at a sign company doing light graphic design during that time. I finished out my Associates in Arts for Computer Science -Business and then enrolled myself into the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale to study Visual Communications. Twenty years later, I’m still loving what I do!” !