John Flaherty, born in Washington, D.C., came to Greensboro for college. Graduating from UNCG in 2012 with a Media Studies degree, he decided to stay here in North Carolina. “I love it here in Greensboro, the arts and music scene is wonderful and varied and original and has a lot going on creatively,” Flaherty says. By doing both photography and videography Flaherty helps out as much as he can with local musicians and creating their video content and music videos. “I was trained and continue to study in documentary production over the past 12-plus years and I really enjoy my work being different day to day but still maintaining a consistency,” Flaherty says.

There is always a fine line between passion and making it a career, Flaherty seems to want to kick up his hobby up a notch. “I’d say that at this point in my life I feel ready to find a way to make this my living so I can continue to do what I love each day. I really would like to start writing, producing original programming for television. I’d like to make short films. I’d like to make a book. I’d like to make a magazine. I’d like to make large-scale art. I’d like to do a lot of things. We will see where life goes from here,” Flaherty says. !