Tinece Payne has four children and one on the way. She has also started four volunteer organizations all under the branch of her nonprofit organization, Volunteer in Your Community. “As a child I took my first steps here in Greensboro so I guess you could say I’ve been here my whole life,” Payne said. Moving from New Jersey as a child to the south proved to have its deep challenges. From those challenges Payne has this compassionate fire that touches everything she gives her time too.

One of Payne’s slogans is, “it’s natural to give.” Everything her volunteer groups do is natural and holistic, “so if we are going to feed people we are going to make sure its good healthy foods,” Payne said.

While taking social work courses at N.C. A&T State University Payne was in need of volunteer hours, so she scouted out school systems that were in need.

“We first focused on books, giving out free books to children in elementary schools in the area with the lowest income and poverty rate,” Payne said. “Edward McKay donated books, then that project turned into making sure the kids had books at home. I spent all my money on this, and then I figured there had to be some organization that could donate books to kids. So I called upon Barnes and Noble and then that got the ball rolling with the 501 C-3 paperwork for the nonprofit.” By 2008 Payne had taken it upon herself to help her community in any way she could.

Helping kids who did not have the uniforms they needed, areas of town with no proper gardening system, fundraising for art supplies and back to school supplies is just her start. With some small grants and local businesses donating goods and services, Volunteer in Your Community is making waves throughout the Triad communities. !