Dustin Gobble a local artist from High Point is making waves in Greensboro lately. Other than traveling to places like Birmingham, Denver, Boston, and NYC, Gobble has lived in Thomasville his entire life. Ever since he could remember Gobble, who’s street art name is Laws, has loved art and the creative freedom it allows. “I’ve loved art in general since probably before kindergarten, but when I was introduced to street art/graffiti at age 12, something clicked, and I haven’t been able to shake it. (I’ve tried). I’d say the hardest thing I’ve worked through is the pure doubt of everyone including myself! I’ve tried to end my ‘career’ over doubt so many times,” Gobble says.

Gobble is looking forward to 2016 and all the new collaboration it will hold for his art. He has a solo show booked for August at Urban Grinders, the only street art shop in Greensboro. “I love and appreciate all art, but I gravitate towards the graffiti/street art scene. Although more than ever, I’m dabbling with fine art and illustrations. The point for me personally, is to never be held down or confined to one single style or genre,” Gobble says. Those who see the clean lines Gobble pulls are blown away by his humble demeanor. His style is growing quickly as he steps outside his comfort zone, challenging himself creatively. When speaking about his wife, Heather, he lights up with pride. “Not only is she my biggest supporter, she’s the reason I continued to move forward with my art in general. My wife and two daughters are my absolute biggest motivation. Making them proud would truly be a success,” Gobble says. !