Senior Guilford College student Suzanne Farmer is known for her craft in chain mail. Necklaces, shirts, rings, earrings, bracelets, she has done them all since her senior year of high school.

“My mom and sister were at a street fair in Saxapahaw and they saw a guy making chain mail armor. He had a dragon on his business card,” said Farmer. “They thought I would like the image of the dragon so they brought one back. I went on his website and I went ‘Oh hey, it’s a supplier. I can do this.’” Her first piece was a chain mail shirt for an extra credit project in her high school when they studied “Beowulf.” Now Farmer sells her work to the public by word of mouth.

“I would like to keep selling as long as people are buying because I like making things that other people will wear, use, and appreciate,” Farmer said. “But I’m not sure I would ever want to turn it into a formal business. That seems like a great way to ruin the appeal of it for me.”

Farmer likes to sell her work at events such as Guilford College’s yearly convention, “WTH!? Con” and also sells consignment at Terra Blue downtown. Her favorite projects are when people ask for custom designs.

When asked what her favorite thing was about making chain mail, Farmer said, “I feel like this is a very cliché answer, but having an idea for a project in my head and being able to make it actually physically possible.”

Among her notable works is an engagement gift for her fiancé, a ring made of titanium.

“I didn’t feel like keeping to the tradition that only the girl gets the ring and the guy does all the proposing and the work,” said Farmer. “I wanted to do something for him in return and the best way to do that was to make something.”

Interested in Famer’s chain mail? You can contact her at suzannehfarmer@ !