Recent Guilford graduate Benjamin Matlack is a talented trumpet, bass player and composer with a passion for jazz.

His career as a musician began at the young age of 7 when his parents gave him a trumpet for Christmas. Trumpet lessons and seven years of classical training followed. It was in high school that Matlack realized he wanted to be a musician.

“I’d say the most valuable part is that there are moments when you’re playing music where it feels like something is more than just what’s going on in the physical world,” said Matlack. “There are moments where it feels divine. Playing and writing music is what I believe I was born to do. So every day I am very grateful to be doing what I love, more than anything.”

Currently Matlack plays gigs around Greensboro with various groups. He is most excited to be working on a project with “The Ben Matlack Quartet” featuring trumpet, piano, bass, and drums.

In a career highlight, Matlack played in front of 25,000 people at the Electric Forest with Beats Antique in 2013. When asked about the hardest part of life as a musician, Matlack said, “The hardest part is solitude. I spend hours and hours every day alone practicing.”

Matlack wants to further his study of music in graduate school. His top choice is the University of New Orleans.

“I just try to keep in mind what the end goal is and that it’s not even about getting into Grad school. It’s an end within itself because I just want to be the best musician that I can be for no other reason than I want to be as good as I can be.”

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Want to hear Matlack’s work? Check out his album, “Stepping Stones,” at https://benjaminmatlack.bandcamp. com/releases !

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