by Allison Stalberg


Local singer and music artist Joy Thompson of “Joy J Music” is proud to have released her debut album, “Degrees of Freedom,” this year.

Her debut album is now one of many highlights of her musical career such as when she played two songs on her saxophone before a historical poet and writer, Nikki Giovanni, at Virginia Tech.

Born and raised in Greensboro, Thompson left at 18-years-old to pursue college and build her career. Now back in her home town, the artist is happy to get back to her roots. She loves the development of Greensboro’s coffee shops and downtown.

Before her musical career began, Thompson described that she was the star of her own show when washing the dishes, showering, and doing chores. She also typically sang along to what played on the radio.

As for her favorite part of singing, Thompson said it’s the release she feels.

“I feel like everyone should have one thing they can do that is independent of anybody else,” said Thompson. “Something that they can use for themselves that can also help other people. It is one thing that I can just always go to; it can be sort of a platform for my happy place.”

Thompson’s hopes for the future are to reach to a wider audience. She also loves the idea of traveling on tour. “If I could perform in a coffee shop in Switzerland or Zanzibar, I’ll be completely content,” she said.

The name Joy suits her goals in her music.

“There’s a lot of crap out there,” she said. “Like messages telling young girls how they should look, a lot of shenanigans. So I just want to spread light, love, and positivity.”

Interested in Joy J Music? “Degrees of Freedom” is available on iTunes and on CD. Check out Joy’s website at www. !

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