Local artist Hanna Williams has drawn her whole life. Just about a year ago she began drawing geometric animals.

“A bunch of different pictures online that I saw were a bunch of hexagonal animals and I thought they were really cool and thought ‘Hey, I could probably do that’ so I just opened up an account online and started selling it and it worked out pretty well.”

Williams sells work online from between $5.00 to $25.00 per piece. From a black and white simple picture, the price is stacked by adding color and/or backgrounds. Depending on the price, Williams also gives her customers a number of revisions for Williams to change anything they want about the piece.

When asked what her favorite part of the job was, Williams said, “The reaction when I give them the final product, assuming they like it. It’s really nice to see someone who appreciates what you did.

As an artist, a lot of times it’s hard to appreciate your own work. It’s a completely different perspective so it’s kind of like a validation that what you’re doing is worth something, a lot more than you would think yourself.”

Williams didn’t hesitate when asked what her favorite piece was.

“A unicorn. I love that unicorn so much.

I would draw it for myself if it was not already for somebody else.”

Besides hexagonal animals, Williams has also drawn tattoos and is currently in the early phase of working with a writer on a children’s book.

“I cannot wait until it’s finished because I’d love to see some kid sitting there looking at it,” said Williams.

As for William’s goals for the future, she hopes to become an animation artist.

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