Lacey Evans launched her first annual Purple Prom Package, or PPP, initiative this year to provide 8-10 young ladies with a prom package that includes a gown, hair service, makeup service, and corsage. The young ladies will be chosen through an application pool. Five young ladies will be chosen from Smith High School in Greensboro and three to five young ladies will also be selected from a variety of schools in Baltimore, Maryland, which is Evans’s hometown.

“The Purple Prom Package’s mission is to serve well-deserved young ladies by lifting financial burdens, building self- confidence and exemplifying the importance of investing into our community,” Evans said. “Another component we’ve added on is a Book Scholarship that will support their first year studies at their prospective universities.”

The idea of Triple P’s sprouted from Evans’s senior year in high school when her mom got laid off from her job and Evans had to sacrifice to help her mom with financial obligations at home and at school.

“During my senior year, I stopped playing sports so that I could support my senior prom activities as well as help my mom with bills,” Evans said. “Every year since I graduated from high school, I wondered what I would do with my prom dresses because they haven’t been worn since I went to senior prom three years ago. I knew there were many other people who had my same situation, if not worse and it inspired me to lend a helping hand with drive and purpose behind it.”

Evans, now a student at NC A&T State University, is grateful for everyone that has continued to support and believe in Triple P’s and she is most proud of the significant impact that it is has made in the community in a short period of time.

“Everyone contributes in various capacities whether it is helping Triple P’s receive publicity, doing clerical work, contacting sponsors, or simply asking what needs to be done on a daily basis,” Evans said. “This is not only a prom dress drive or package, but also mentorship and an investment into each young lady’s future endeavors. One young lady messaged me and told me, ‘I wasn’t going to go to prom honestly, but this made an impact so I’m ready now!’ That one statement provided me with confirmation that I am not only moving in my purpose but also making a difference in my community already.”

In the future, Evans plans to expand Triple P’s while maintaining a brand that aligns with the mission of the program. !

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