Topher Glass may be known as a piercer at “Little John’s Tattoo” parlor, but his talents extend into a combination of boro glass and polymer clay works. His vibrant sculptures range from pendants, to ornaments and portraits.

“You will see eyeballs, teeth, and mouths a lot in my art,” said Glass. “I’ve been doing that since I started sculpting. The first thing I ever sculpted was just an eye. They are the main things you’ll always see in my art. It’s rare not to see an eyeball in there somewhere.”

As for his favorite aspects of being a glass and clay artist, Glass liked many of the social characteristics.

“Getting to meet and do things with other artists, collaborations. Also getting to see people’s expressions when seeing my art, whether it is negative or positive, it’s cool to just see their expression. Then getting to travel with it. I hit up a lot of the music festivals and art circuits in NC, Virginia, and West Virginia.”

Much of Glass’s inspiration for his art comes from 90’s cartoons such as “Ninja Turtles” and various Nicktoons.

“You’ll see lots of bright colors in my work,” Glass said. “I sometimes use glow in the dark colors that show in black-light. Lots of my art is probably a ‘cute kind of gross.’ That’s what I hear a lot.”

Glass’s vision for the future is to eventually open a studio of his own where he could open a gallery.

“I like the therapy that comes with it (working with clay and glass),” said Glass. “The peace of mind, accomplishment, it keeps you real positive, especially when you get feedback on what you’re doing. People appreciate something that you spent a lot of time on. There’s a real good feeling to that.”

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