Mylène Dressler always knew at some point in her life that she would be a writer. She has written three novels, a novella and numerous short stories and essays. Today she lives as a novelist, essayist and professor at Guilford College.

Dressler’s main genres are fiction and nonfiction. Her personal favorite among her written works, The Deadwood Beetle, was chosen among “Christian Science Monitor’s” “Best Books of the Year,” and reviewed as, “Haunting. Its execution is perfect. Dressler is a writer of chilling compression and suspense. A beautiful, sensitive story.”

The themes Dressler’s works explore are centered on family and boundary crossing.

“I’m very interested in the psychology of family and the nature of family history and how it affects who we are,” said Dressler. “Another theme I’ve noticed in my work is that they are not only multigenerational but multicultural. It’s probably because of my background. I’m Eurasian and so I notice in my books that there’s a definite thematic of boundary crossing, border crossing, culture crossing, crossing of spaces and times and distances.”

A highlight of her career was her first reading at a bookstore. The joy still warms her from twenty years ago.

“I’ll never forget how the bookstore had me in the wings and I couldn’t tell if there were a lot of people or not. I just remember coming around out of the wings and into the light and it was a big crowd, all of those faces there for my first novel. There was a huge round of applause and still to this day it’s been one of the absolute highlights of my life that memory of having my first book published and having it so warmly received.”

The Professor is known on Guilford’s campus for her passion for writing. Dressler described her joys of being a writer to be both in the hardships and ease of finding the right words.

“I like both of those extremes, the magic that comes easily and the magic you have to fight for.” !

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