Molly Freilich is known on the Guilford College campus for her ceramics.

Upstairs of the campus’s center building, Freilich’s work is presented for any curious visitor to view. Those that visit may be surprised to see a warning for mature content outside the thesis room. This is because most of Freilich’s work is themed around sex.

“I’m really into sex work,” said Freilich. “I grew up with a lot of Catholic folks around me and I’m firmly not Catholic. It was always considered as a dirty thing to talk about sex and alternative sex and I’m not a straight person so I was not educated efficiently about those things so I really like to do that with pottery.”

Her works include the “Urn of Mouths,” which is a gray vase patterned with blue pierced lips. One of Freilich’s larger pieces “Long Live the Queen,” presents flowers mixed with vaginal and phallic imagery. In the gallery, there are mugs with penises for handles; under them is a quote from the famous pornographic actress, Bobbi Starr, “I think some people recognize my butthole before they recognize my face.”

The mixture of sex and ceramics suits Freilich’s majors in ceramics, sculpture and women’s gender and sexuality studies. To the young artist, her pottery is more than work; it’s a passion.

“The longest I’ve been away from ceramics is two months and it was torturous,” said Freilich. “I try not to do that anymore. It’s a lot of muscle memory, so you have to practice a lot. I’m working for like eight and a half hours every day by choice but also because when you go away from it, if you take a week-long vacation or whatever, you have to relearn to some extent.”

Freilich’s favorite piece was made just recently.

“My thesis show was on Friday and that morning I took my sex toy shrine out of the kiln and that’s one’s my favorite of them all.”

Her sex toy shrine is the largest piece in the gallery. The shrine is full of flowers both real and sculptured with phallic and vaginal images and blue lips. The title is, “Am I Drooling?” because the sculpture works as a fountain with blue lips dribbling water when turned on.

Freilich hopes to continue fully doing ceramics in the future. !

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