A once blank wall on the side of M’Coul’s in Downtown Greensboro is in the process of being painted by the talented Kim Kennedy.

Kennedy got into the colossal work of mural painting a year and a half ago after winning a mural contest in Nashville. After completing the Nashville mural, she met with local artists while traveling through Greensboro. After successfully raising money through a Kickstarter, the artist began working on her mural depicting local musician Joey Barnes.

“As far as public art goes, I haven’t been doing it too long,” said Kennedy. “But I really love it despite the obstacles like the weather and scale of the pieces.

“I love coming up with the idea and when I take it out into the community and people are like, ‘Thank you,’ that’s super rewarding to me. They get really excited and that response…it’s something that people get excited about that I haven’t really witnessed when I’ve done gallery shows and smaller stuff.”

Kennedy may be a little new to designing and painting murals, but her heart lives in the worlds of art and music. She has painted and drawn her whole life and is a singer, songwriter and guitarist.

“I’ll be commissioned to do albums or concert posters for other artists, then sometimes I’m on the road doing music and no art happens. Only over the past few years have they melded together. Music opens art doors for me. Art opens music doors for me.”

Kennedy’s love for her friends and music comes though her mural work. Her guitarist friend, Dave Baker, inspired her winning mural in Nashville. In the future, she wants to create memorial murals for artists like Prince and David Bowie.

The M’Coul’s mural has presented Kennedy with a vast set of challenges, including weather, cost and even stalkers.

“I don’t want to play the gender card, but being a female working in public and doing something on a large scale that draws a lot of attention, no matter who you are, that happens,” said Kennedy.

But the challenges only make the art sweeter. “I still feel the benefit ultimately outweighs all that,” said Kennedy. “I think that’s what love is. Dancers, musicians, writers, and artists look at something at face value. You do not idealize it and you accept that you want to do it. That’s true love.”

Interested in Kennedy’s art? Contact her for commissions at or check out her twitter @allyouneediskim or her Facebook at / kimkennedyart. !