When he was a student at Guilford College, Yuki St. Amour was often seen playing the fantasy combat sport, Amtgard.

St. Amour has an edge with any combat though, as he is both a teacher and student of various kinds of martial arts.

A black sash, St. Amour is a student and teacher of Lei Tai, Tien Shan Pai and Sanda. Martial arts have been a large part of his world since a friend got him into the classes mid-way through the 6 th grade. Since then, St. Amour has been addicted.

As for what made him addicted, St. Amour said, “Honestly, the punching part. But it was pretty nice to get some more flexibility and learn.”

St. Amour’s highlights are in the challenges.

“When I first started Lei Tai, I recall walking into the studio expecting to go to a normal class or teach a class and got told to go do Lei Tai. I met this giant former SEAL guy. He just dragged me over to a blue mat and I was like ‘What’s happening?’ and I got the stuffing beat out of me and I loved it.”

Having recently moved into Greensboro, St. Amour landed a job working security at a local Friday night club downtown called the “Imperial Lounge.”

St. Amour has not found a martial arts place in Greensboro he connects to yet, but he does not plan to drop the punching and kicking any time soon.

“Most difficult part of martial arts: probably sticking with it,” said St. Amour. “Motivation, at least from what I’ve seen from my students. Just keep at it. You don’t need to go to a class all the time. You can practice forms and techniques on your own.” !

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