George Rider has been the owner of his club, Rider’s in the Country for 28 years.

Rider and his wife bought what is now the Rider’s in the Country club in 1988. A lot of hard work went into the club to make it the venue it is today. For Rider, the greatest challenge was in the time and effort when his business was beginning.

“At that time I was working another job and had a couple other little bars going too,” said Rider. “With the help of my wife, at that time, she was the one who kept it going.”

After his wife passed away in ’97, Rider has kept the place running to this day. He is pleased that the business has lasted to see its 28 th anniversary, especially when there is strong competition.

“You try to not worry about what your competition is doing and just worry about what you can do and try to be a leader, not a follower. A lot of other clubs have followed us. Every time we did something, in a sense they tried to copy it the next week or the two weeks after. If we weren’t doing something right, then they wouldn’t want to copy it.”

Having aged along with his club, Rider and Rider’s in the Country have seen devoted customers come and go.

“I would like to see it going on but I’m about to age out,” he said. “That’s the only problem with the club or any businesses, seeing your people that have been loyal and faithful to you all the years passing on and leaving you.

“Ever since I was a young boy, I wanted a business of my own. It’s made a good life for me at this point. I didn’t see it being as big as it was to start with but yet again you always hope to be better tomorrow than you were yesterday.”

The 28 th anniversary will be celebrated on Saturday with Karolina Rose and Bak@ ya playing. Visitors will get the chance to win $2,000 dollars or a trailer.

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