Peter Daye is known for his tunes and tees. Also known as ‘L in Japanese’, Daye is a DJ who frequently plays Gibb’s Hundred Brewing Company and other downtown nightspots. Recently he’s been making t-shirts with screen printing.

His t-shirt designs promote cities like Greensboro with a design based on the periodic table.

“I really wanted to get hands on and I also wanted to do something that was based on bringing people together,” said Daye. “A lot of what I do is either making these t-shirts or performance wise, I always want to bring people together.”

Bringing people together and making them excited is what makes Daye tick.

“I don’t know if you ever watch wrestling, but they have this term called a pop,” he said. “Whenever a wrestler comes out and they’re really liked, people just cheer, that’s called a pop. That’s the thing I do with DJ’ing. When I’m DJ’ing and just somehow the magic of the blend lands on a song that the majority of the people are excited to hear, they scream. It’s like yeah, that’s the point.”

Daye is currently focused on building his business and networking. He hopes to help people learn to screen print their own shirts, to possibly have his own store and get more DJ gigs.

A highlight of his career was playing at the Cat’s Cradle.

“As well as the t-shirts, I did my first hand to hand market there and I was playing my records and selling my t-shirts and just the overwhelming response I got from both was definitely a crowning achievement. That told me that I can actually do this, I can actually be successful in this.”

Every second Sunday Daye does an event called Tunes and Tees at Gibb’s Hundred Brewing Company on Lewis Street in Downtown Greensboro.

Interested in Daye’s shirts or music?

Check out his etsy page at https://www. or follow him on Instagram or Twitter: linjapanese. !

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