by Allison Stalberg


Jonathan Vizcuna, also known by the stage name of JhonV, gained experience as a DJ growing up in Caracas, Venezuela.

Vizcuna’s style includes house, acid, electro, tech and progressive house. His techniques are vinyl and CD. What makes him different from most DJ’s is his history with music. His talent took hold early in his life as he was always surrounded by diverse music.

“Venezuela, where I was born, is a very interesting country because if you see it on a map, it’s in the middle of everything. We are part of America as a continent, so you have South America and North America and Venezuela is right in the middle.

“So the music that we always get from around the world is unbelievable. When people ask me ‘What kind of music are you listening to now?’ It can be anything, Latin music, bossa nova from Brazil, can be rock, so I have a lot of music diversity in my head. That’s what I try to communicate while I’m working as a DJ.”

In 2005, Vizcuna started a band called Tambores Mestizo with his percussionist brother, Omar Amado.

“That was a very interesting part of my career as a DJ, because that expanded my knowledge and culture in terms of what kind of different things you can do with electronic music that just isn’t just the same thing that everyone is playing out there. In these days there are a bunch of bands that are doing that, but I can tell you we were pioneers in Venezuela doing that.”

The top highlight of Vizcuna’s career was playing at a concert in one of Venezuela’s biggest stadiums. He and his brother played as part of a show with the famous salsa musician, Oscar D’León.

Vizcuna’s career came to the United States in places like Miami where he got to play at the biggest clubs and the Famous Ultra Music Festival.

Today Vizcuna works in Greensboro. He plans to continue playing for people who really love electronic music. He is working to produce his first album.

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