(Last Updated On: August 17, 2016)


Nine year old triathlete Jake Adler has tasted many victories since his training and competing began at age five.

Just recently, Jake won 2nd place for his age group in the Ohio National Championship. The year before, he got 3rd place.

“I was very happy,” Jake said. “It took a lot of work and I trained hard and I got to where I wanted to be.”

The young athlete was introduced to the sport by his father, Gregg Adler, who used to do triathlons as well.

“His first race was on Earth Day in April of 2012 and it was raining and about 50 degrees,” said Gregg. “We showed up and there weren’t many kids. The swim was indoors and then the bike and the run were outdoors.

“We didn’t have our game together then, but we just kind of went through the motions and he actually came in first place for five and six year olds. There were only two other kids that time, but that kind of hooked him. He felt successful.”

Jake’s parents further recognized his skills after a bigger race in Charlotte.

“There was like a hundred and twenty kids,” said Gregg. “He was racing in age group of seven to ten year olds. He was seven and he won the thing.”

In nearly all of the races Jake has participated in, he has been the youngest. Having inspired and reinvigorated his dad back into racing, the two participate in races together. Jake’s little sister, Riley Adler, is also getting into the racing scene.

While Jake’s mother, Robyn Feinsod, is the non-triathlete of the family, she loves to support and attend the races.

“They are very inspiring,” she said.

“You’ll see kids on training wheels. It’s very welcoming that way. They are so adorable and putting in a lot of effort.”

Jake trains with other talented youth under Matt Clancy in The Club at Oak Branch.

“There’s a lot of training to do to get to the point where you want to be,” said Jake. “To get to a certain competition you have to train a lot and that can be hard.”

The triathlete trains three to four days a week which includes biking classes and practicing with his team under his coach. On weekends, he sometimes runs, bikes or swims with his dad.

“Jake is athletic and he’s a good athlete, but he works hard at this,” said Gregg. “This isn’t something like he rolls out of bed and is a triathlete. He really trains hard.” !

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