(Last Updated On: September 7, 2016)


Braden Shick of Greensboro recently won one of the greatest accomplishments of his tennis career. The young boy placed second in the USTA Boys’ 12s Hard Court National Championships.

Shick began playing tennis tournaments at six-years-old.

“My older brother taught me when I was like three or four and I played my first tournament when I was six,” said Shick. “My brother competed…and I got tired of watching him so I started playing.”

Now 12-years-old, Shick can’t count how many championships and competitions he’s been involved in. He challenges himself by practicing four hours a day, five days a week. He trains at the Greensboro Tennis program under Tony Mulé, the director of junior tennis.

“He started coming to do tennis a couple days a week and throughout the years has gradually progressed more and more,” said Mulé. “He is a very natural and relaxed player which is pretty hard to do at times, to be able to compete and still have this natural ability to stay relaxed on the court… “One of his major talents that gets him so far right now is that his tennis IQ for his age is off the charts, the way he can read the game and understand the game is really pretty special. A lot of kids these days don’t have that IQ already. That seems to just happen to him pretty naturally.”

The plan for Shick is to continue practicing, competing and paving a road to success.

Shick believes his training is what caused him to do so well at tournaments. He is one of many young talented kids at the Greensboro Tennis Program.

“We have a lot of very young talented kids in our academy program,” said Mulé. “We have a lot of highly, nationally ranked players. We have a full time tennis academy in which kids practice and train tennis there year round throughout the day as well as school them.”

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