triad dj profile

Real name: Leslee McDonald

DJ handle: luNa jAdE

What it means: My grandma used to tell me I have eyes like jade. Luna (moon) is a word that I have always thought of as beautiful and peaceful. I liked the two names when I put them together and it seemed to fit… so I ran with it.

What I play: Drum and bass, dubstep, drumstep, and I love throwing breaks out there when people least expect it.

Catch me at: I will be doing some more regular gigs at Studio 99 in Winston- Salem with Ghostnote and RedStar every third Saturday of the month.

Upcoming shows: Inbassion at Mod Bar in Downtown Winston-Salem Sept. 29 with DJ Dicotomy, DJ RedStar and TcPo; and I also have a show called Bass Friday on Nov. 25 in Charlotte at the Basement

Got in the game: I started DJing in June of last year on Virtual DJ.

Why I do it: I loved the scene when I was young and in the past two years I started getting back to the scene that I loved so much. My boyfriend is a DJ and loves the scene as well. I want to spread the love of music and the scene through DJing and promoting a positive vibe, with good people who have stayed and have the same focus that I do to change things around so that we can all feel those good vibes again.

Influences: Dara, for sure. AK1200, Joker, Zed’s Dead, Spor, Datsik, the Quemists… there are quite a few.

First pro gig: My first REAL gig was at Brewski’s Tavern this spring. Cloak and Dagger (BJ Orton) threw me out there. I was so nervous.

Favorite technique: Mixing, blending and just a little bit of cutting when it’s necessary.

Signature mix: “Wonderland” (fall 2011 mix)

Personal playlist: I love indie rock and old school alternative and SOME pop music. I don’t really listen to country and western of my own volition, if I can help it.

My gear: Dell Inspiron 6000 and a Numark Total Control controller with Virtual DJ.

Website: My side project with my partner RedStar is

I’d like to add: I want to remind other DJs out there (new and old) that we are all here doing the same thing: bringing music to people and entertaining the public. I see it happen more and more every day. I am a digital DJ and I want to put this out there: It isn’t as easy as you think.