Lake Inferior won’t change its name

by Heather MacIntyre

Lake Inferior

No label

After a brief identity crisis, Lake Inferior decided against changing their name to random suggestions like Pegasaur or the Good Fever. Kids all over the state went into a roar over the attempted name change, pleading with them to keep Lake Inferior, and so they did. They’re still young though, on the first steps of the path of a music career and life – so they have plenty of time for altering any area of their project as they wish. Four fifths of the band hold the ripe age of 22, and Nasir is right behind them. The college-aged band is currently residing in Chapel Hill, where they attend school, but they all originate from the good ol’ Triad. Bo (guitar/percussion), Logan (drums), and Dax (keys, vocals) all grew up in Greensboro, and Derek (bass) and Nasir (guitar, keys, vocals) in Burlington. They found each other at random shows and parties over the last two years. At one, they met Logan, who was dressed like a Jigglypuff Pokemon, and another where Dax met Nasir outside of Cat’s Cradle because he had been thrown out of a WXYC ’80s dance party due to inappropriate and reckless dancing.

Reckless dancing?

Well now they can perform any way they want, on stage, and get paid for it. Opportunities keep coming up for these kids. An idea has turned “let’s hang out and jam” into playing shows all over the state. It has to keep us scratching our heads in suspicion of what will happen when they graduate and have nothing holding them back from the open road. Dax and Nasir’s vocals really blend in harmony while keeping a scratchy monotone feel. The music varies song to song, one sounds like a carnival and another like a dark scene from a sci-fi movie. One of the most popular songs, entitled “Spider,” is available on their Myspace page, and I think it really gives a good projection of their overall attitude.

They’ve cancelled their upcoming show in July because they are working on recording and finishing their first record, a five-track EP that is yet to be titled (message them with ideas!). Dax adds, “We’re focusing a lot right now, and learning about home recording and such while we go along, and a lot about each other.”

But don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to see them soon enough – as they finish their EP they’ll start booking their full East Coast tour. And, what’s most surprising, of all of these multi-talented indie rock musicians, not one of them took any sort of music lessons. Who’s their number one fan? Derek’s five-month-old kitten, Archie, who attends all of the band’s practices and always has some input on songs. They’d like to leave you with some advice, a quote for life: If you’re not stealing from your boss, you’re stealing from your family.

“I don’t know,” shrugs Nasir, “We saw it on a flyer outside of IP3 Eatery!”