Last week, nearly a half million illegal Hispanics

by Jim Longworth

Last week, nearly a half million illegal Hispanics marched through the streets of America in protest of impending federal legislation which would officially make their criminal entry a crime.

Among those were marchers in Mississippi who sang ‘“We shall Overcome’” in Spanish, and compared their struggle with that of Martin Luther King.

I don’t know if it’s possible for an old white guy to be offended on behalf of old black guys, but if it is, then count me among the officially offended.

There is absolutely no comparison between the two groups of marchers.

Blacks were brought here from Africa in the 1600s against their will, then sold into slavery and, despite their bondage, assimilated into a corrupt Anglo system. King’s peaceful marches were staged by American citizens who were protesting for basic rights overdue them by a racist society.

Today’s illegal Hispanics came here by choice, subverted our system by choice, drained our social, educational, healthcare, and public safety services by choice, have participated in crimes by choice and have refused to learn our language by choice.

Those of us whites and blacks who oppose this Hispanic subversion are not racists, and we are not depriving them of their rights.

Each year we welcome over 25 million foreign-born visitors to the US, over a half million of whom go through proper channels and are granted citizenship.

We have a system of diversity that has taken us over 400 years to shape. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty fair. Illegal Hispanics can sing all they want, but the only thing they need to overcome is their own criminal behavior.

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