Legacy of late artist recognized at upcoming Urban Grinders showcase

by Kashif Stone

In memory of local artist and photographer, Christopher Lubinski, Urban Grinders (116 N. Elm St.) will be showcasing his most recognized prints and photos throughout January, beginning with a kick off event scheduled for Saturday evening. Lubinski’s work has been well-respected within the Triad community for many years leading up to his passing in December 2015.

Lubinski was born in Wroclaw, Poland on April 16, 1951. Growing up, Lubinski took an interest in glass sculpture, painting, and ceramics, and studied the arts at The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. As an adult he worked as an artist in Rome and New York City for a period of time. He moved to Connecticut in 1980 where he worked mostly in colleges as an arts educator before relocating to Greensboro in 2007.

One of Lubinski’s greatest loves was the art of glass sculpture. According to his website, he fell in love with glass after seeing it formed for the first time during his first year of Academy. “This experience was enough for me to choose my major (before I wanted to do painting and ceramics), since then I’ve worked with the medium anytime I can,” said Lubinski. “After a few years of working strictly with glass I started to combine it with cermaics, two materials that work in perfect harmony.”

Lubinski also had an interest in monotype and monoprint. “The uniqueness of Monotype and Monoprint allows me to treat printmaking in a very individual way. In the case of Monotype the actual composition becomes secondary, exploration of color is the main goal or my work.”

Photography became another passion of Lubinski’s after receiving his first camera from his father in the first grade. “It was not sophisticated but 2 ‘¼ format,” said Lubinski. He always had his own darkroom and liked to process his own film. However, after a long sabbatical from photography and years spent in the studio drawing and printing, he reintroduced his love for photography with the help of his DSLR Nikon camera and years of Photoshop experience. Between 2007 and spring, 2015, Lubinski photographed live performances, and documented the arts and music scene of Greensboro, photographing hundreds of bands and performers, at dozens of venues throughout the triad.

In honor of Lubinski’s legacy, Urban Grinders will exhibit collections of the artist sculptures, photography, and other artistic works. “The purpose of the event is to showcase Chris Lubinski’s work all together in one place, and to remember his life as well as celebrate his passion for the arts,” said Anna Luisa Daigneault, the event organizer. “His enthusiasm and passion for the visual arts and photography was very evident in the way he lived his life. Many local artists appreciated the wonderful photos he took of them, and were grateful for his contribution to the arts and music scene.” The art event is a collective idea that came to life through community Facebook dialogues following his death. It is a chance for the community to say goodbye to Chris as well as appreciate and contemplate his life’s work.

The kickoff event will feature performances from 10 local music acts, such as songwriter Matty Sheets, Todd Eric Verts of Mystkdog, Taylor Bays of Taylor Bays and the Laser Rays, and Ben Singer of Modern Robot. “I met Chris when he came out to music events,” said Singer. “He was fun to talk to because he had a very broad interests. In music, he liked everything from obscure jazz to rock, to noisy jangly punk. He really loved hearing music, and dancing to it too and if something was crap he’d call it out, so I could always count on an interesting opinion from him.” !


The event will be held from 5pm to 9pm on Saturday, January 9 at Urban Grinders (116 N. Elm St.) and is free to the public. Urban Grinders will also showcase Lubinski’s work throughout the month of January for the public to view during their operating hours. The public can view the collections on the first floor of Urban Grinders Monday – Friday, 7am to 7pm, or Saturdays from 9am to 7pm.