Letter 5.16.07

by YOU!

Exclamatory thanks

Hey all,

We just wanted to say a very sincere Thank you!

I just read the article online and it is really great [“Old Southern Moonshine Revival is tipping the jug”; May 9, 2007; by Jordan Green]! If I hadn’t been there that night, the article makes me wish I would have. (Thanks Charles and Jordan)

You guys’ support and excitement really means a lot!

Hopefully we will see you guys soon, and hopefully we will be able to continue to give you guys a reason to stay excited!

Thanks again, we really appreciate it!

Marcus and Neil

Old Southern Moonshine Revival

Not so blue

Hello Blues Family,

Wednesday, the fatigue has finally subsided. It was worth every ache and stiff joint. Another successful Carolina Blues Festival has left us feeling pretty darned good.

Bump & Logie – y’all deserve all of the love the audience showed you. Thanks for all of these great years and an amazing show Saturday.

Big Rick and the Bombers – another set full of energy and emotion. Lynette, you are pure dynamite, what a voice!

Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers – it was way too long a wait for you to grace our stage. Jimmy’s voice is in fine form and the playing – everyone was blown away.

Michael Hill’s Blues Mob – power, action and messages. This was a charismatic set. If we all were as decent as Michael Hill, everyone would get along.

And Hubert – 76 and going strong, the playing was solid and still has the Hubert feel. We all should hope to be this vital at such an age

Michael Burks is one of the nicest people we’ve come across over the years. And how he makes that Flying V wail! Thanks again Brother Burks.

And to all of our sponsors (I’ll cover them next week), volunteers, friends and family, you were so generous this year! We cannot thank you enough, but will try.

And we would never have succeeded without the tireless efforts of festival chair John Amberg. Jamberg is da man when it comes to the CBF. Along with John, the board of trustees worked their tails off and sweated more than a few bullets arranging for this festival to go. These folks rock!

Keep your mojos workin’.


Casey Hazelman

the writer is the president of the Piedmont Blues Preservation Society



Unbelievable – the JoelBurger the best in the Triad [“Triad’s Best”; May 9, 2007]?

What an honor!

That Morphis team is terrific at taking a crazy concept and providing the quality, service and consistency that keeps them coming back for more!

Joel Leonard


De la Soul Force

I was at Bob Jones University the day Soul Force came, and Ms. Kingsley leaves out a key fact [“Equality rider returns to Greensboro”; May 9, 2007; by Amy Kingsley]: the counter protesters were not from Bob Jones, were not allowed on campus any more than the Equality Riders were, and were very much not appreciated by the BJU family. They were rude and foolish.

BJU’s response, on the other hand, was loving and kind but firm.

Mike Wood

Greenville, SC

Grass kissing

I’ve known Jake for almost 18 years now and I’m so proud of his accomplishments [“Hoppers Groundskeep keeps diamond spotless”; May 2, 2007; by Ogi Overman]. He is just as much a professional off the field as well. He is such a caring person that it would only be natural to see it carry over to his job! Way to go Jake. We’re so happy for you. Keep up the good work!

Tracy Wood

Tampa, Fla.

Vehicular harmony


My name’s Scott and my family has lived on Spring Garden Street, west of Chapman Street, for over 13 years.

I will admit that there has been increasingly more traffic over the years [“Spring Garden attracts pedestrians”; May 9, 2007; by Jordan Green]. But this new road pattern is the worst thing ever for this area. There is now a daily dead stop traffic backed up for four blocks crossing my house. Also, there have been at least 20 rear-end collisions just in front of my house since this new road pattern emerged. The bike riding has not increased and they still opt for the sidewalk half the time. Bikes and cars have lived together in harmony on this street all this time without a problem. I really think we should petition to have the street converted back to the way it was.

Scott Kay