Letter for Oct. 17-23, 2007


Speak up or go home

I actually felt that the questions were well thought out and that most of the answers were fair, a few exceptional, and a couple even answered the question of who to definitely weed out [“Greensboro Primary 2007: Who are these people?”; Oct. 3, 2007]. What disturbs me greatly are those who apparently didn’t feel the need to participate. If they lost their questionnaires I feel sure the paper would have been happy to have given them another copy… if they had asked. But the appearance one is left with is that they just didn’t bother. This was a spectacular chance for ALL the candidates to answer the exact same questions so the public could really make a comparative note. For those that failed to return your answers, here’s my response: You definitely won’t get this voter’s vote because I know nothing about you, simply because you didn’t take the time to return your answers, therefore I surely won’ be wasting my time to seek you out in other forums to find out what you are about. Sorry. You lose.

Shelly Cole


Matheny’s money


I appreciate your article on Zack Matheny [” Following the money: Zack Matheny”; Sept. 19, 2007; by Jordan Green]. It shows him to be typical of people who run for city council as a means to accomplish their personal agenda of wealth building, at the expense of Greensboro’s citizens, Greensboro’s communities and Greensboro’s future.

It would have been more powerful if his and other comments remained in the middle of the piece. Ending the article with a question of his true motives would have brought the piece home.

Good job.

Geoff Grenert


Chuck Mann is back!

In regards to your editorial on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad [“Ahmadine-bad”; Oct. 3, 2007], I wonder why all Americans don’t protest when every monarch, dictator or military ruler visits our country. The dictator of Pakistan, President/General Pervez Musharraf, recently visited the US for a book tour and was even on “The Daily Show.” Many Americans prayed that they would see the Queen of England when she last visited. And nobody seems to be upset that China is going to host the next Olympics. Don’t the American people know about the product recalls, arbitrary executions, forced abortions, the Tianamen Square Massacre and Tibet? China is using child and prison labor to build their Olympian dream. Americans need to support democracy, human rights and civil liberties worldwide. We need to tell our government to oppose ALL dictatorships.

Chuck Mann


What about Father Mulcahy?


Your issue of the October 10 – 16, 2007 YES! Weekly news publication has an article by Jim Longworth of WMYV titled “Radical Christian group a threat to constitution.”

In the very first paragraph of the article Mr. Longworth states: “That’s why, for example, we’ve had non-denominational chaplains serving our soldiers ever since George Washington assumed command of the Continental Army in 1775”.

The way this sentence is worded insinuates that the military has only non-denominational chaplains. This is not the case; the US military has chaplains representing all major denominations and religions for that matter, and even has military chapels dedicated to providing religious services of specific denominations (such as the military chapel in Camp LeJeune dedicated to services of the Eastern Orthodox Christian religion as one example).

You should correct this article because it calls into question the accuracy of the reporting you all are publishing,


David Lanier


From sunny Florida

Congress’ failure to pass a comprehensive immigration reform was disgraceful [“Wake Forest tackles immigration debate”; Oct. 10, 2007; by Amy Kingsley]. It seems like the Republican party has become hostage of its racist right-wing, and the hateful rhetoric isn’t helping anybody. A path to citizenship is inevitable since it is impossible (for fiscal and humanitarian reasons) to deport millions whose only crime is that they want to work. Plus, Republicans are fighting a losing battle; it is called demographics. And they will pay come election time next November.

Ivan D. Ivanov

Gainesville, Fla.

Thinking about Daughtry

Maybe I have missed it, but I have yet to see anything written in your paper about one of the biggest bands in the country at this time. Chris Daughtry’s story is what writers dream of – local guy working at Crown Honda makes it on “American Idol,” loses, but gets a $5 million record deal with RCA. RCA auditioned hundreds of musicians for his band (many very well known musicians) and just so happens they select the drummer who is also from Greensboro. Now they have the No. 1 selling album of 2007, their concerts have set records all over the world by selling out in the first minute they go on sale, and if that’s not enough, they have now been nominated in three different categories in the upcoming American Music Awards. The only other artists to receive three nominations were Beyonce and Justin Timberlake.

And yet, nothing about them in any of our local papers. What is up with that? In addition they have been asked to perform for the American Music Awards to be aired “live” on Nov. 18 on ABC. For the first time in the history of the American Music Awards they are allowing the public to vote.

I travel all over the country with my business and I find it amazing that I can pick up a paper in just about any major city and read a big article about Daughtry, but come home to his hometown and find nothing. It would be nice for Greensboro to be known for something good for a change.

RCA is predicting that Daughtry will take home several Grammys in February. I keep up with them by reading USA Today which is sad since Chris and the drummer are from right here. Feel free to go to learn more about why they are the number-one band in the country right now. Their record sales went triple platinum months ago and again, nothing about it in our local papers, but front page news in many newspapers across the country.

I forgot to mention that their videos from their two No. 1 singles have also won major awards and one of them was filmed right here in Greensboro, but again, nothing about that either. This isn’t just stuff for an article, this should be front-page news.

My husband and I, who are both professional musicians, have always been disgusted at the music scene in Greensboro. There are so many talented musicians around here, but this area does not support them, so we have to earn our living playing in other cities. I know of several musicians who finally gave up on the Triad and moved on to LA or Nashville and have made it there, but again, you’ll never read about them in any local paper. Thanks for your time.

Barbara Barnes


Jordan Green responds: We published a feature story about Chris Daughtry in December 2006, and I prominently mentioned Daughtry in my “Extended Play” column in April. And there is a short about Joey on page 31. Music-related story pitches are always welcome at