Letter to the editor, June 15 issue


Minumum wage calculations even less

From the website, article comment on ‘“Legislators keep poor virtuous,

hold down minimum wage. Thanks.’”

Your calculations are off. The first thing deducted is 15 percent federal taxes, 18 percent social security (FICA), and here in PA, there is an occupation tax, a privilege tax to live in a town, and another privilege tax to work in a town, all of which comes off the top. The useable income is more like 7,000 to start with. And don’t forget the sales tax on 60 percent of the items you purchase. Oh, I forgot, there is also a 1 percent wage tax that comes off the top.

So between 26 and 40 percent of income is already gone before you receive the paycheck. Depending on where you live.

Also figured into equation is part of the rent goes toward property taxes.

TOM, Pennsylvania

Men, not women, should smoke cigars

Via e-mail, comment on May 18 chow article ‘“The bus stops here: The Macanudo American Passion Tour comes to Greensboro’”:

Not a bad article, but why in the name of God would you have a foto of a woman smoking a cigar? Sorry, cigar smoking is for men only.