Letters 5.9.07

by You

Eight service members

Terri Johnson is the victim in this whole affair [“A homegrown war resister emerges”; April 23, 2007; by Jordan Green]. She is the victim because of an economic system that forces young kids and some adults from low socioeconomic backgrounds to consider enlisting in the US military as a way out for those seeking any type of employment in a system that has found them unemployable.

So they reach out to the US military for all the wrong reasons. Service to our nation, which should be the first reason for joining the military, winds up way down on the list of reasons that they chose to enlist. Why Miss Johnson chose not to continue her training was her choice.

However when many new recruits of her age enlist, they suddenly find themselves for the first time away from home and all alone. This is the first time that they are faced with having to be divorced of all support mechanisms that they previously had.

No more reaching out to mommy and daddy or to other extended family members. What the recruiters had failed to explain to them was that the branch of the US military that they had enlisted in was to be their new family until at some point they had decided to separate and become civilians again.

I sincerely feel that this is what happened in the case of Terri Johnson.

However these young people as well as young adults should also be aware of the various groups out here in our society which do not support our military in times of war.

William T. Brown Jr.


Thanks for story


Thank you for writing the story “Eight service members lost in Iraq” [May 2, 2007; by Amy Kingsley]. Kevin Lucas is my uncle and Lance Cpl. Adam Lucas was my first cousin. The family appreciates your article and it helps with the overall healing process. Thank you for helping preserve the memory of a true American hero.

I live in Indiana and had your article e-mailed to me, thanks again.

Jamison D. Rund

Trafalgar, Ind.