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On sports topics: The Good — Enjoyed the cover story on Madison Hedgecock [“Back to the farm”; Nov. 24, 2010; by Gail Bahr]. It was the kind of feature that the dailies’ depleted sports reporting staffs seldom deliver any more.

The Bad — Didn’t find any in this issue. The Ugly — What’s up with Jim Longworth?

Does he want to return to the Inquisition or the “eye for an eye” years [“Society too quick to forgive and forget”; Nov. 24, 2010]? I like dogs as well as the next person. But Michael Vick paid a reasonable debt to society, accompanied by the all-too-common national media overkill. It cut two years out of the heart of his football career and bankrupted him in the process. He appears to have made amends in full and improved himself as a player while maturing as a person. He was a young man in his twenties who happened to have more money than sense, having received little guidance from the college and pro coaches who exploited his talents. He made a more serious mistake than most of us, but doesn’t he at least deserve more even-handed coverage?

Larry Keech, Greensboro


The author of ”Pedantic?” in last weeks letter column [Ian McDowell] gives your publication way to much credit in thinking that you guys would pay attention to such minute details in your articles. From past experience I have al- ready come to accept that YES! Weekly is noth- ing more than a small-time operation with no concern whatsoever for quality. Also, he must have forgotten that no one cares about Chinese name order ’round these parts.

Marcus Halburstram, Greensboro