Letters for 07/11/2007


Pardon this I am writing this letter in discontent of President Bush’s pardon on Scooter Libby. I am a 25-year-old, law-abiding citizen whose father has been an attorney for 30 years. I was raised in this wonderful country to believe that the law will protect and serve us. And also to obey the law and that no one is above it. President Bush has made a mockery of my father’s profession and of the United States government and what it stands for. “Liberty and Justice for All” -Ê I’m pretty sure those words didn’t proceed with an exception for anyone. I am losing faith in our system of government as a young person. Apparently the rules don’t apply to people in power. What am I going to tell my children… “You can’t lie under oath to a grand jury, but you see it’s okay for this man because he’s in power and your president condones it.”ÊAren’t the president and the people in powerÊsupposed toÊbe role models, not people who obstructÊjustice and abuse their power to get away with it? I was taught to always look up toÊourÊpresident and the people in office and to respect them. Call itÊna•veÊbut this is what most children are taught growing up. How can I put my faith into a government that would allow this? IÊlove my country; I will continue to obey it’s laws and do my duty as a citizen,Êbut will other people feel by this example they areÊabove the law?ÊAnd will our president continue toÊmake aÊmockery of our systemÊbefore we say enough?ÊI’m saying enough!ÊIt’sÊlike saying, You know what? You can lie to a grand jury and not go to jail but you will have to pay a fine. So, does that mean I can break a law but just pay a fine and that’s it? Oh no wait, I’m not in power so I’ll probably go to jail and pay a fine. I’m so disheartened and disappointed. IÊguess that’s life.ÊBut I will continue to pray for a leader that will uphold the law.

Sincerely, Katherine Yarborough North Carolina

Don’t know Dick Mr. Clarey, Please please please recant – your readership needs the old Brian, not this new “when everyone else zigs, I zag” Brian. Reading “Crashing the Gate” for this week [“Dick Cheney is my kind of guy. No, really. Okay, maybe not.”; July 4, 2007) was like watching you defect from the left you love and jump into the hot tub with all the other Republicans.Ê Several years ago, in a Rolling Stone article about the infamy named Dick Cheney, an acquaintance of our VP mentioned Dick had an “almost autistic lack of compassion” for any other human being. I was insulted on behalf of all autistic individuals that such a draconian politician be compared to those of us with legitimate diagnoses. Is there a label for a mental illness for those who are even more antisocial than a sociopath?ÊThe condition would be called “Cheney’s Syndrome.”

Ian Campbell Hammon High Point