Letters for 9/12/2007


Thacker Dairy loves Jordan Green

What an unbelievable word-portrait of the night [“Thacker Dairy Road takes prize”; Sept. 5, 2007; by Jordan Green]. You did a fantastic job, especially with describing the sound. I’m still trying to figure that out myself.

Here’s my favorite line: “Thacker Dairy Road is already deep in their element, pouring all their feeling and instrumental virtuosity into the sonic stew of winsome back-country funk and poetics that is fast becoming a signature sound.”

Thanks again, Jordan. You do a great job covering the music around here. Glad to be a part of it.

Molly McGinn


Still teaching

Good piece, Brian, but I can’t resist quibbling [“The guy who gave me a D”; Sept. 5, 2007; by Brian Clarey].

The course was Introduction to Mass Communications, CMMN 100 (101 was the comm writing course that you got a B+ two years later), and you got a D+.

I was the guy who gave you a D in your final semester, in history of journalism.

Despite the quibbles, I’d like to use parts of the column in an orientation talk I give to incoming freshmen. They could profit from it.

If you see Mike Frierson again, give him my regards.


Larry Lorenz

New Orleans

Ed. note: Lorenz is the interim dean of the College of Social Sciences at Loyola University in New Orleans. And yeah, he gave me a D, too.

Overman, Bush and AA

Dear Editor,

I must commend Ogi Overman on his article, “When dry drunks wield power, bad things happen” [Aug. 15, 2007]. It was absolutely superb – what a wonderful way to explore how things might have been. Tying in the 12-point AA system not only illustrates the Christian thing to do but the approach that has allowed America to be held in respect, esteem and admiration by the whole world since the United States’ beginnings. Ogi’s article makes one wonder how things might have been had Al Gore been allowed to win. But then he might not have received his Academy Award and Nobel Prize nomination. Time will tell if the Bush administration will ever be able to display their “Mission Accomplished” banner honestly.

Thanks again Ogi for helping us dream and ponder about what events might have been. It helps us appreciate the value of competence and foresight and gives us hope for the attainment of these desirable qualities in our future leaders.

Paul King


We know what it means

Hey Brian,

I just read the article on line [“Pieces of New Orleans in downtown Greensboro”; Aug. 28, 2007]. It’s great. I was having a hard time on the eve of the anniversary but then I read your article. It’s great to see someone else who knows what it means to miss new Orleans.

Thanks again,

Geaux Saints

Rich Papier


Unintended racism

I’ll let you get away with referring to kids as “the booger-eating set,” but I have to draw the line at “yard apes” [“The Blind Tiger’s newest regulars – my kids”; Aug. 22, 2007; by Brian Clarey]. Apparently you’re not from the Dirty South. Why don’t you take a moment and Google that term. Looks like using it to refer to children is the secondary definition. Here’s a tip for future articles: Using racial slurs in your copy is not cool – even if you didn’t mean to.

Anne Knowles


Ed. replies: I’ve been calling my kids “yard apes” since they were old enough to cavort in the yard and I’d never before heard that it has racial connotations. I apologize to you and anyone else who gleaned a racist message from my column. Also: I’ve lived in the South for 20 years, 13 of them down in the “Dirty,” which, to my understanding, does not include Greensboro.