Letters for August 1, 2007


Oldie but goodie Hey Jordan, I am an old friend and buddy of Don Dixon from the 1970s. Loved the article [“Don Dixon’s NC rock trip”; Jan. 2, 2007; by Jordan Green] and just saw Arrogance play at Cat’s Cradle on July 20. Unbelievable! We need to get them to play together more often! Robert Kirkland needs to do music not sell kitchens! I got to spend a few precious minutes with Don. Lots of hugs. So glad that he is okay and doing so well. Keep following him and keeping the fans posted. Marianna Funk

Immigration man Concerning the YES! Weekly editorial, “Chertoff’s gut feeling just gas” [July 18, 2007] : Considering the displayed ineptitude of this administration it comes as no surprise that Chertoff should share in this sad and dismal effort to blow smoke in the eyes of the American people. We are constantly fed this timeworn alert to the possibility of terrorists taking out another sizable target within the borders of the United States. All of this would be far more convincing were the administration to pay attention and do something about the “real” war and day-to-day invasion taking place in this country right now. Chertoff is for the most part following his master’s orders and staying out of the subject of illegal aliens and the very real danger they present to our country. This line of ignorance is embraced to further George Bush’s desire to destroy the United States in his rabid wannabe desire to be President Calderon’s sidekick. You can dribble this very real danger up and down the field making feeble attempts to score with the American people but you cannot win in the long run unless someone with some intestinal fortitude (dare I say a “real” American) comes forward with a plan to end this fiasco. We need bulldozers to plow a 100-yard kill zone along the entire southern border and then we need troops with real bullets and orders to shoot to kill anyone who attempts to cross that kill zone. As I said we need someone who cares about this country and our legal citizenry and doesn’t give a damn about what some tin pot dictator of some foreign landfill thinks about us. It’s gone past the time to dump all this left and right crap and get on with a program to reclaim this country. That being done we can all go back to the petty meaningless bickering that seems the norm these days. And that gas that Chertoff has been passing for so long is just that, gas, and it stinks to those of us who can see through the haze. Chertoff was indeed experiencing an uneasy feeling in his lower gastrointestinal region, in fact it was right out at the very end where his anus was puckering up, wondering how to keep another few hundred illegal aliens from climbing in. Perhaps it’s time for Chertoff and others in Washington to take that time-honored cure, high, hot and a hell of a lot. Then perhaps they can move ahead with the real problems at hand here at home and overseas as well. Truly we need a president of the United States, not a whipping boy for the world and we need a secretary of homeland security that takes his job seriously, far more so than Chertoff seems to. As the old saying goes “Action talks and BS walks” how about a little more action and a lot less BS. Ian A. Millar Kernersville

Sick of it all This movie opens your eyes to the fact that when dealing with healthcare it needs to be based around preventative medicine [“Advancing the healthcare debate without the F-word”; July 18, 2007; by Brian Clarey]. $7,000 is the average healthcare cost for one adult. Among industrialized nations we are at the bottom of the list. It is not right to overcharge on simple medical procedures and medicine. Jeffrey Paterson Winston-Salem