Letters for August 13, 2008

We don’t know cars

This is in reference to your story on the Lamborghini event [“Cruising around in Smart Cars and Lamborghinis”; Aug. 6, 2008; by Brian Clarey]. You might want to check your facts. No car on the planet goes 0-205 mph in 3.5 seconds or 0-195 mph in 4.3 seconds. Those have to be 0-60 mph times. There is a video on YouTube or Google videos, I forget which, of a top speed run in a Bugatti Veyron. It takes several minutes and many miles to get to the 254 mph top speed.

Tony Flores



I just finished reading your article, “The Carolina Gambit” [July 31, 2008; by Jordan Green].  I wish to offer up a correction to the glaring error that you made in reference to me. You stated, “Mike Stone, a registered Republican who is a candidate for Guilford County School Board, pulled his white vintage Camaro with red SS racing stripes up to the pump.”

This blasphemy cannot go unchallenged!  Those are orange stripes — Hugger

Orange to be exact. I demand a retraction! I put too much time and effort

into getting that color to match on both the paint and the interior to have

it dismissed as something so common as “red.”

Mike Stone

Oak Ridge

Remembering Judy


I have been picking up YES! Weekly for years, and I have recently been reading it from front to back and have found it better fits my lifestyle than the Rhino Times.  This evening I picked it up again to read the articles that I hadn’t read yesterday, which took me first to your story, “The Plans We’ve Made” [Aug. 16, 2008; by Chris Lowrance].  

I grew up in Julian and after aging out of the local tobacco industry I migrated to Liberty for work.  First tour of duty was at the Dairy Bar during my early teen years (1971 – 1974) and my next tenure was for a general contractor between the years of 1978 – 1988.  I knew Judy Short, and her first daughter.  The daughter’s name I can’t recall. But I do remember their faces, the sound of their voices, and their innocence and goodness.

I am truly saddened to read of her and her family’s passing.  True it had been double, if not triple, decades since I had communicated, or even thought of Judy. But the first mention of her in your story, I knew who you were speaking of.  As you say, you don’t plan for crossing the center line; nor for providential hindrances tossed at you.  I have been lucky in mine, I suppose.

Liberty holds fond memories for me as well, rainy, snowy, beautiful sun-shiny days, and full moon evenings.  Thank you for sharing your story.

Congrats to you on your engagement.

Best wishes,

Faye Davis

Greensboro, NC