Letters for August 15, 2007


Sandy clarifies


Great article [“District 5 veteran faces competition; Aug. 8, 2007; by Amy Kingsley]! Just one minor clarification about your observation “…she’s presided over the development of the Wendover Avenue corridor that fostered rampant retail expansion on the western edge of the city.” If you will check my voting record on those cases that were within the City Council’s jurisdiction, you will find I voted “no” on many/most of those rezoning requests because I foresaw that “rampant retail development” would create congestion and traffic headaches (which has indeed come to pass).

Sandy Carmany Greensboro Sandy Carmany represents District 5 on the Greensboro City Council.

True confession

Regarding Pope Benedict’s unfortunate contention that “Catholicism provides the only one true path to salvation…,” Jim Longworth’s tirade [“Ali had Rope-a-Dope, Benedict’s got Pope-a-Dope”; July 18, 2007] was underwhelming in the narrowness of its scope. Though Longworth rightly finds fault with Benedict’s pronouncement, he fails to notice that it is only a short step from the Pope’s exclusionary remark about Catholics, to that of any religion which believes that it alone holds the keys to heaven. Extremist Christian denominations, extremist Islamic sects and extremists of other religions are equally guilty. I doubt that I will check out Longworth again. I don’t like to read the wild rantings of a superficial thinker who simply enjoys the flippancy of his own words.

Maureen Parker Greensboro Heart to heart

Jordan Green’s “Whose Heart of the Triad?” article [Aug. 1, 2007] did an excellent job of laying out the issues. One of those issues is, who gets to decide whether and how the HOT area is developed. Development decisions need to involve people who live in the area and the community as a whole, not just those whose profession makes them likely to profit from development and therefore have an inherent conflict of interest. If we want a policy on billboards, do we convene a group of people in the billboard industry and let them make up the policy? Of course not. We get their input, but we don’t allow them to decide the issue. There’s an old saying: “If you present a problem to a carpenter, his/her solution will involve a hammer and nails.” Likewise if we continue to allow developers, realtors and bankers to make our land use decisions, development will continually win out over preservation, whether or not it’s in the best interests of the community. Does this mean they lack integrity? No, it just means people see things through the lens of their profession. Indeed, a civic-minded development community is essential to the Triad, and their expertise and input is important for making good land use decisions. But they should only be part of the process, not running the whole show.

Joel Landau Greensboro

Joel Landau is on the Greensboro Planning Board and is an at-large candidate for Greensboro City Council.

Jerusalem, revered culinary center

Jordan: You obviously failed to do a proper research of Triad ethnic groceries [“Ten best”; Aug. 8, 2007, by Jordan Green]. Anybody who does a “study” on these stores would include the best and most known. The Jerusalem Market, 5002 High Point Road, is the greatest ethnic grocery. Not only is Mr. Hanhan one of the nicest persons you will every meet but his sons are the most polite young men you will ever meet. If that is not enough, bring up politics with the owner and have a most enjoyable conversation.

Harvey Kutchei Greensboro

Missing the Old Rebel

I just read your article, and agree with you 100 percent. “The Old Rebel Show” was an icon; children from all over the Triad grew-up watching it [“Whatever happened to the Old Rebel?”; July 18, 2007; by Billy Ingram]. But now is unfortunately a different world and a much sadder world. I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Martha Perry and Timm Perry recently. They both are such wonderfully nice people. The Old Rebel would be proud!

Danny Crouse Winston-Salem