Letters for July 2, 2007


Landau on Green, annexation

Jordan Green’s “Greensboro’s Land Grab: Extraterritorial Ambitions” [June 18, 2008] was an informative look at Greensboro’s annexation practices.I appreciate the thorough research that went into it, and I agree with many of the concerns that were raised. Another problem with annexations that wasn’t mentioned in the article has to do with the instances where they’re forced upon people who don’t want to become part of Greensboro.It seems, for lack of a better word, un-American.The idea that a government body in which you have no elected representation can nonetheless enforce their will upon you doesn’t seem right.For some people being annexed causes a major upheaval in their lifes. Forced annexation struck me as odd when I moved to Greensboro in 1981; it still does. It’s contrary to the basic American principle of representative government.

Joel Landau


For shame

Are you crazy? No cop would say anything against another cop unless he knew it to be true [“Credibility of polygraph questioned in libel case”; June 25, 2008; by Jordan Green]. I happen to know detective Rogers very well. He is the most professional, honest person on the planet. He is a cop to the bone and believes in the law with his whole heart. The fact that anyone would try and sully his reputation as a polygrapher is absurd and anyone who knows him will tell you that. You have a corrupt cop who deserves to be punished and are trying to ruin the reputation of a good cop with multiple commendations to save the scum? Shame on all of you.

Vicki B.


Nursing (not) for dummies

With all due respect, your comment that “she wanted to enroll in nursing but decided to live in the real world” I take issue with [“Local Talent: Michelle Somers”; June 25, 2008]. There is nothing more real than working your way through nursing school and working as a nurse. Sounds to me like this is just another “pretty” face who picked nursing because it sounded good but doesn’t really have the committment or academics to get into UNCG’s program. I don’t know what your criteria is for Page 3. Pick someone who has a brain (sans tattoo), is committed to an overly demanding profession like nursing and does more than eat sushi and hang out downtown.

Marian Friedman, RN, BSN.


Tell her something she didn’t know

You know it’s really nice that you finally get around to writing this stuff up but where were you while there was still time to get another nominee [“Unfortunately, Barack Obama is a fraud”; June 25, 2008; by Jim Longworth]? I had all this info in January. It’s really sad that he’s probably going to get into the Oval Office because everyone is so sick of the Republican brand that they’ll vote for this fraud because they are desperate. We may be in even a worse situation than we had with Bush, if that can be imagined.

Judy Roemerman

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Good eatin’ at the Donner Pass

Elegantly written. So many souls come together at weddings [“A Green wedding at the DOnner Pass”; June 25, 2008; by Jordan Green]. As an atendee of this one (I’m the Bay Area food writer who served cake and punch), I can tell you that a wedding in the woods has a way of brining folks together. Thanks to columnist Green for the props on my whiskey punch. The entire weekend remains seared in my memory.

Kate Jessup

Oakland, Calif.

Illegal aftershock

I am somewhat disappointed that Amy chose to publish my casual mention of having to jockey for position in the halls of the legislative building with a contingent of 4-Hers over more subsantive comments [“Border warriors dig in to defend the Carolinas”; June 25, 2008; by Amy Kingsley]. We earlier talked at length about the reasons why so few folks attended the rally, not the least of which was fear of employer reprisals or the shadowy element of angry, illegal immigrant activists within the community who might lash out at attendees later in their home communities. Seems to me that would have painted a truer picture of the events of the day and how they unfolded.

It also bears mention that although Amy was not present with my lobbying team during the morning visitations, she chose to portray us as having met with a “handful of legislators we pried from meetings with students.” To the contrary, we met with over 20 legislators or their staffers, covering the entire 6th floor of the legislative offices and a few on other floors. Most were receptive to our requests, and many were outspoken in favor of opposition to illegal immigration. Also curiously omitted from this piece was the guest speaker Lee Anthony Nieves of You Don’t Speak for Me, a Hispanic organization actively opposing illegal immigration. I’m sure Lee would be offended that his Hispanic heritage and opinions were ignored or perhaps overlooked. By the way, Lee was very “polite” too….

Speaking of illegal immigration, I noted the exculsion of that qualification entirely from this article, which concerns me greatly. Isn’t it time we divest ourselves of the “politically correct” mentality in word and deed and simply express things in factual terms. “Undocumented” is a really polite and innocuous term, but it really diminishes the truth more precisely and adequately termed “illegal.” Illegal immigration was in fact the thrust of this event and lobbying effort, and so how imprecise and misleading to coin our efforts as those of “anti-immigration camps.” Imagine the unease and intimidation you create in the hearts and minds of legal immigrants like my spouse when you employ such rhetoric!

We all need to recognize that once the decision to cross illegally into this country is made, nearly every action arising from that choice leads the “undocumented” scofflaw deeper and deeper into unlawful and illicit patterns of behavior. Call them what you like, but we all will be living with the consequences of inaction on this issue for many, many years to come.

Mike Kelley


Mike Kelley is a founder of NC Voice.

Americans for Legal Immigration is NOT and “anti-immigrant” group. Notice the name? Notice the fact many legal immigrants are part of ALIPAC?

Also, ALIPAC is not a “small group.” It is the fourth largest organization in America on this issue with over 25,000 supporters nationally.

Try the facts next time.

William Gheen


William Gheen is president of Americans for Legal Immigration.