Letters for March 19, 2008


Record-industry whores

This week’s news about Elliot Spitzer is just another example of what’s wrong with society today. By posting Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s MySpace page on every media outlet’s website, she managed to garner well over a million hits and received radio airplay in NYC! There is now talk of her getting an album deal.

All the while, there are thousands of musicians trying to do it the right way: working day jobs so that they can afford to take low paying gigs at night and on weekends; blogging and updating their MySpace, Facebook, Garageband and personal websites to keep people coming back, hoping that they will get their big break.

MySpace and other social networking sites use the number of hits an artist’s page gets to determine which artists and which music gets featured on their sites. The mainstream media has in essence rewarded Ashley Alexandra Dupre for her illegal behavior (the last time I checked prostitution was still illegal).

Is this really the message we as a society want to send out?

Lisa Dames


Belated thanks

Dear Mr. Green,

Am finally commenting to your article on “Redistrictingcarves up the territory, but to whose benefit?”” which was in the YES! Weekly dated Feb, 27.

Plan Q by Councilman Matheny backed by both Mike Barber and Trudy Wade is definitely a political move as compared to Plan B proposed by Councilwoman Bellamy-Small. Mr. Barber wants to dump the Cardinal anyway before the next election and Mr. Matheny is moving key businesses to benefit himself, Barber and Wade. I respect Mayor Johnson for seeing this for what it really is.

Thank You for presenting this very informative and eye-opening article with the “straight-up” comparisons between Plans B and Q.


William Bailey


Old news

I for one of many, believe OJ was as guilty as sin [“Global warming as real as OJ’s guilt”; Feb. 22, 2007; by Ogi Overman], but having a reasoning mind with comon sense, I do not fall for the crap that man has caused the earth to warm. A little investigation of history will prove that the earth has gone through cycles of warming and cooling long before man had the idea of scamming the public with this natural event. One question all who succumb to Al Gore and his lunatic ravings will not answer is: “Who gave them the insight and the right to speak for God as to what the average temperature should be? Who is to say we have not been in a cooling period and the earth is not warming back to where it is supposed to be?” It is a scam of the largest magnitude using the temperature to scare people into higher taxes and even crazier people into buying “carbon credits.” Methane gas has been proven to hold more heat than CO2 and since one source of methane is from “crap,” you are contributing in a big way with the crap you are spewing. Hey, those protected marshlands put off a lot of methane too, so why do the global warming believers continue to perpetuate the alledged problem by protecting them?

Monte Wall


Truth to power

As residents who live on the border of the county line between Forsyth and Guilford counties, we are opposed to FS 0707B proposed by Department of Transportation. We fail to see the need for another north/south connector when we already have north/south highways: Union Cross, 109, 66, 52, 311 (Future Interstate 74), 68, and 220. This would result in spending highway construction moneys which are desperately needed in other areas.

Furthermore, it is the Constitutional right afforded every citizen under our system of government to expect our elected officials to represent the will and interests of the majority and not cater to the special interest of a few. Mandated land-use plans prepared by special-interest groups result in employment of eminent domain to take our homes and land. The individuals, supported by elected city officials, who have developed land-use plans for our area are also real estate agents and developers who will realize direct financial benefit from these plans. This is emphatically a conflict of interest and allowing these people to direct and guide the planning process is unethical and a miscarriage of justice.

Say no to FS0707B, the North/South Connector, the Piedmont Parkway extension, and the inappropriate use of Eminent Domain for development and unethical political officials.

Your attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated.


Laura H. Hamilton