Letters for March 5, 2008


Rector the director

Dear Editor,

I just wanted to say how happy I am with the article Mark Burger wrote [“Rector the director stakes his claim with Revamped”; Feb. 27, 2008], singing the high praises of my film Revamped. Well, maybe not high praises, but certainly very strong middle-of-the-road praises. His sense of humor and play on words fit right in with the the theme of my movie.

It makes the filmmaker (me), feel like I got it right when the audience or reviewer “gets it.” I will definitely be adding your magazine’s article to the film’s website. Hang on to Mark, he’s a very witty, talented, dedicated and sophisticated writer who is well on his way to greatness. Please remind Mark when sending me an issue of the mag that he doesn’t forget to include the $200 for talking him up. Thanks again, you’ve got a great thing going in Greensboro.


Jeff Rector

Oldie but goodie

Chicken visited my construction project at Carolina Beach several times while we were getting the Hula Grille ready to open. He was very inspirational to us all, and his health failed and he passed about 3 weeks before we opened [“Somewhere over the rainbow… A brief history of beach music and the shag”; June 14, 2006; by Ogi Overman]. We had 23 months of live beach music before the wrecking ball took us down, but we did all we could to help preserve the great beach music and shag music legacy started by Chicken Hicks and his brother Bobby at Carolina Beach.

Jess Yates

Wilmington, NC