Letters for May 21, 2008

You should change your "publication" from YES! Weekly to: THE TRIAD LIBERAL! Your local Bush Basher, Bush Hating, Fun Loving Liberal Weekly Magazine * In the future I’ll get my local entertainment/ local info from GO TRIAD! * You don’t deserve a typed letter or e-mail. From an anonymous hand-written letter DJ gives feedback Good job on the article ["Spinning Society"; May, 14 2008 by Dave Roberts], I am a long time DJ and thought you represented what we do well! Peace, DJSK For the children Hey Brian, I just read your weekly Gate ["’Why would someone have a gun at school?’"; May 14, 2008; by Brian Clarey] and I was so relieved to do so. My daughter (and next year my son) go to Peeler, just down Willow Street. The news of last weeks "situation" scared the hell out of me and I want to be proactive. I love Peeler and the community that surrounds it. I drive down Lee and Willow twice a day, sometimes more, and find the neighborhood alive and familiar. I was curious if you had any ideas… I envision families marching around the neighborhood with signs that read "Know peace, no violence," get everyone involved, see the children who they know are in the schools, their children as well. Well, if you have any thoughts, I’d love to hear them. A proud Peeler parent, Cassie Pierce