Letters for May 30, 2007


Chas(tis)ing Amy

In response to Amy Kingsley’s Found Objects column of May 23, I am surprised to see a local paper labeling the last week in May in Greensboro as a “slack one in the… arts world.” She says we here in Greensboro are in a “vacuum” and the Weaver Academy production of Six Characters “is pretty much the only game in town.” Her advice to Greensboro residents is to leave and go to Asheville or the Triangle.

I may be new to Greensboro, one year and loving it, but this kind of column damages the commerce and attractions that are well in place in our little “vacuum.” Ms. Kingsley implies that Greensboro isn’t worth much once the summer season begins; she suggests the Weaver Academy show should be attended by default, because there’s nothing else to do and she says “Speaking of slack…” and then goes on to announce auditions for GCC production of The Full Monty. 

I am also insulted that my theater company, the Open Space Cafe Theatre, and our very well received production of Tuesdays With Morrie were slighted, receiving no mention that in this little slack vacuum of a boro, we had a show that week. Also, a close ally of Greensboro’s, the Little Theatre of Winston-Salem, never received a mention of their show… maybe we should move our theaters to Asheville or the Triangle! Both of our theaters had large paid ads on the accompanying page to Ms Kingsley’s column.Sarcasm aside, YES! Weekly needs to take better care of it’s paying advertisers, scrutinize column articles for accuracy, and be part of the betterment of Greensboro, not conspire to its economical demise.

Sincerely,Joseph NierleGreensboro

Joseph Nierle is artistic director of Open Space Cafe Theatre.

Good tenants/good landlords

I have been both tenant and landlord [“How landlords almost always prevail in small-claims court, and tenants rarely have their cases heard”; May 24, 2006; by Jordan Green]. There are bad apples in each category. In the press the underdog always makes a good story no matter what the circumstances are. Most of the tenants I have had over the years were great and I would have been proud to have them as next-door neighbors. But there is a growing minority out there that has no respect for your property, their neighbors, the law or themselves.

I think it is good that we have a minimum housing standard that can be enforced to take care of derelict landlords. There are plenty of good, inexpensive rental properties in this town. But the supply of good tenants seems to be way down from five years ago.

If you are a good tenant your landlord will probably bend over backwards for you. If you have a bad landlord… why are you living there?